Virtual Physiotherapy is a great option to improve movement, build strength & can offer alternative strategies to cope with pain, from the comfort of your own home.


We now offer virtual consultations & appointments!

What do I need for a virtual telehealth appointment?

1) A computer with a webcam OR a smartphone with a camera

2) Reliable internet connection

What to expect?

* The initial assessment will include a very thorough health history and relevant questions related to the presenting problem.

* An examination will occur of the affected area which could include presentation of the site, movement abilities, strength abilities and functional abilities. This is a good time to determine if virtual treatment is for you!

* We will provide you with at home exercises, education, and advice specific to your problem.

* Further virtual treatments will re-examine your progress and/or changes in your condition and additions/alterations are done as needed.

We are now taking virtual physiotherapy appointments and would love to hear from you!

For additional information or to book an appointment, call: 519-941-4481 or email

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