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Tips for Preventing a Fall

Every year many people seek physiotherapy after having a fall while at home or while out and about. Falls can lead to back, hip, knee and many other injuries. There are many ways you can adjust your lifestyle to help avoid these nasty falls.

These changes include:

  • Before you get up out of a chair or up from bed, wait 10 seconds before rising to your feet to prevent dizziness, and get your bearings before you begin walking;
  • Install handrails and grab-bars in the bathrooms and stairways;
  • Concentrate on what you’re doing while you’re doing it, and move at a speed that feels comfortable;
  • Put everyday items on the bottom shelf;
  • Avoid hyper extending the neck. Extending the neck backwards can cut off circulation to the brain, causing a blackout or even stroke.
  • Slow down. Be conscious of risky situations and hazardous areas;
  • • Remove reading glasses when walking;
  • Plant both feet securely on the ground before getting out of the car;
  • Wear a good pair of lace-up walking shoes that will support your feet and provide necessary cushioning for your joints;
  • Use aids for walking, balancing, hearing and seeing as prescribed by your physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or physician – view them as sources of strength to help you do things, not signs of weakness.
  • Include balance exercises into your daily routine (ex. Single leg stands at a counter, standing on tip toes at a counter).

If a fall does occur, see a doctor and move forward with proper care as per a professional.

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