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Please read through the procedures we have outlined below, regarding the re-opening of Sportmedic Physiotherapy Clinic on Tuesday, June 2nd 2020. 

Booking Appointment

In order to meet our commitment to patient safety, we have changed our booking procedures to include pre-screening questions.  

We are asking patients to help us maintain a healthy and safe environment in our clinic by answering pre-screening questions truthfully and follow new procedures in the clinic where required.  Clinic staff will collect screening information at time of booking and again in person at time of appointment.  The screening questions will apply to those that also may accompany patient eg. parents, care-givers, etc.  You will be asked the pre-screening questions upon each visit. 

The pre-screening questions will be available through our website, email reminder OR  phoned appointments and posted on clinic door.

Appointment Day

In order to adhere to physical distancing requirements for patients and guardians, we ask that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible.  If you are early that’s fine, but we ask that you wait in your car or outside Рweather permitting. There will be only one chair in the waiting room so as to ensure physical distancing. We do ask that unless needed for physical assistance or if a minor, that  you arrive alone with no other people.  We request that you bring your own mask to wear in the clinic.  If you do not have one, one will be provided for you on entry.  

Upon entering the clinic, a hand sanitizing station will be present to your right.  We ask that you sanitize your hands and ensure your mask is properly worn. Once sanitized, you will be immediately taken  by our staff or clinicians to your appointment room. Physical distancing will be observed for everyone EXCEPT your therapist or therapy assistant. For those of you that reside close to the clinic, we would appreciate you use the washroom facilities at your home before attending. For others that travel a distance we will accommodate you. The washroom facilities must be sanitized after each use, regardless of your purpose in the facility. The washroom will still be available but keep in mind a 30 second visit equates to a 10-15 minute sanitization procedure. If the facilities must be used, upon exiting you must re-sanitize your hands prior to entry of any treatment room.

Upon completion of your appointment you can either set the next time up with your treating physiotherapist or e-mail/call when you get home.  If possible, receipts for payment can be e-mailed in order to minimize contact wherever possible.


  • Arrive at time of appointment and no more than 5 minutes ahead of time to ensure social distancing

  • Come alone, unless you are a minor or in need of physical assistance

  • Bring & wear a mask at all times – one will be provided if you do not have one

  • Sanitize your hands on arrival at our sanitation station

  • Please use washroom facilities ahead of time (if possible) to minimize bathroom use and subsequent time-consuming sanitation measures

  • Follow-up appointments can be made in person after appointment or via email/over the phone when you get home – this is preferred to minimize contact and ensure social distancing in the clinic

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Sport-Medic Physiotherapy Clinic wants to reassure all patients that our clinic is a safe environment for all to attend.  Under the direction of all Regulatory Associations, Public Health and Chief Medical Officer, guidelines have been drafted to ensure the public safety.  The safety of you, your family members and our staff are our number one priority.  Our booking procedures are modified to maintain physical distancing requirements that take priority over occupancy limits.  Members of the public must adhere to the 2-metre distance rule and we are ensuring this in our facility.

We have also acquired all the necessary PPE essential in protecting and preventing the spread of COVID-19.  All sanitization products follow the Health Canada guidelines for hand sanitizers and disinfection products.  Hand sanitizers all contain 60-80 percent ethanol or 60-70 percent isopropanol mixtures.  Environment cleaning and disinfection is essential to avoid the possible spread of COVID-19.  All our disinfectants are approved by Health Canada and are appropriate for the elimination of viruses in a clinic environment.

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection is dependent on the nature of use/contact of the surface/item in question.¬† Our clinic disinfects all patient contact items between each patient use.¬† Examples are treatment tables, hand tables, arm¬† rests, chairs, laser machines, ultrasound machines, TENS/IFC machines, all equipment, contact surfaces, exercise equipment, therapeutic tools, diagnostic tools, work surfaces, commonly touched areas—light switches, door handles, taps, toilets, handrails, counter tops, payment¬† machine, clipboards, pens, towels, etc.¬† We have eliminated all books, magazines, literature and¬† brochures¬†¬†

Cancellation Policy

We would still like to maintain a 24-hour cancellation policy with leniency toward illness related circumstances. 

No one will be charged for a missed appointment who suddenly comes down with symptoms of an illness for a family member that required immediate attention.  

One day life will return to normal but for now we must follow the procedures to our best capabilities. 

The staff at Sport-Medic appreciates all our clients and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your support over the years.  Everything in life does pass Рthe pandemic will pass and life will resume.   This isn’t forever, it is just for now.

You can contact us for an appointment either by email: or call: 519-941-4481

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